Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sick kids

Maddison stayed home yesterday from school with a nasty cough and cold. Of course she felt great after 9am and ran around the house all day being silly. Some weird high numbers and small ketones that were easily flushed with water. Hannah came home today early after the nurse said her throat looks like strep. So, we took them both in, Hannah positive for strep and Maddison negative. Maddison has been high (200-340's) the last few days with good drops to the 100's then right back up. Gotta hate Diabetes and illness. They really make blood sugar wild. Tomorrow is early release so I guess I will have two sick kids home with me all day. So much for Christmas shopping on my day off. Now Maddison's cold is causing highs at night, right after I adjusted the basal for lows! ERRRRR. Never a relaxing moment in blood sugar land.

I had a lunch meeting today at work and decided I love my employer. They really think the world of me, too bad my job is so damn boring and I dread sitting there all day. But what am I supposed to do? They let me choose my hours, choose my days and change them at a moments notice. I give them my schedule. Not many people can say they have that benefit. I am very fortunate to have them. As long as I get my 24 hours in they never complain. In fact, I have only been working about 16 hours a week for the last few months thanks to Josh's changing new schedule. I have called in sick due to myself or Maddison every two weeks the past 3 months. I have had to miss work for early release days because we have had no babysitter. I have attended field trips, Thanksgiving lunches and many activities at the school so Maddison wouldn't have to miss out. Yes, technically her 504 plan states she is to always be accommodated in these situations so she doesn't miss out, but that would mean the entire school is without a nurse. So I attend these things to keep the peace for the other kids that need a nurse too. I should have been fired for attendance last year when Maddison was diagnosed. I missed two weeks, and then cut back my hours in June at a days notice for the pump start. I change my schedule every summer so one of us is home for the kids. The year before that it was my diagnosis that had me missing tons of time. And they still always tell me that I am a great employee regardless. I guess that is why I stay. I need the flexibility. There is always something that causes me to miss work or adjust my schedule. So I am trying to be happy staying at a job that bores me to death. LOL It doesn't make much sense really, but I guess money talks, I am trapped, so I will have to get over it.

Back to the Diabetes thing as usual....I downloaded my numbers to my Copilot program again tonight as I do every week or so. My numbers are pretty awesome,I average 117 over 30 days. I am happy with that. I should be continuing my morning workouts, but I am too tired in the morning. It is too cold to get out of bed, blah blah blah. But, my numbers are still really good with only the occasional lows from bad carb counting. Thank you pump. I never could have done it without you. My problem though is numbers are predictable, easy to control, no highs over 200 and no lows below 60 for the most part. Except the 2 in the 40's the last 2 weeks! I guess carb counts most days and I am always fine. MADDISON however, is ALL OVER THE PLACE. Yes, I know she is 7. Yes, I know kids are hard to manage with growing and all the variables. But it still makes me feel horrible for her sake.

We have the Minilink CGMS approval so in January our DME will renew for the year. Insurance will pay 80%. So, I will be happily wearing the Minilink to learn the ins and outs before hooking Maddison up. I HATE HATE HATE to make her wear another site. I keep telling myself that it is for her health, but my heart doesn't listen at this point. My heart still breaks for her with every site change. I can't imagine having another device attached to her tiny body. I can't imagine the information it will give me. Some of it will probably make me cry. The spikes, the drops, the wild swings in blood sugar. I am scared to even see it. But we have to do something. We are checking her 12-15 times a day a getting nowhere. I hate poking her little finger so often. Maybe our Honeymoon is ending. I dont know. But I do know that she has a little demon inside that has been winning most days and I am eager to defeat it.

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