Friday, October 29, 2010

Look What I Found...

I was hunting through the local online Newspaper archives (Maddison's Halloween Article I posted last got nibbled on by the puppy!) and came across a different Halloween article I don't even remember us interviewing for. I like this one better though...because it tells it like it is!!

Here is the document version that was published.....

Have fun, remember diabetes
Arizona Republic - Phoenix, Ariz.
Author: Philip Haldiman
Date: Oct 31, 2008
Start Page: 14
Section: Glendale Republic 19
Text Word Count: 482

Document Text
Tonight, Maddison Lyons, 8, will do most of the things her friends do: attend her Peoria neighborhood's block party as a witch, walk in the parade of costumes and, of course, trick or treat.

But Maddison's parents will have to keep a close eye on her -- she has type 1 diabetes.

Although the causes of type 1 diabetes are not entirely known, scientists believe the body's immune system attacks and destroys insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. About one in every 400 to 600 children and adolescents has this kind of diabetes, which is not caused by obesity or by eating excessive sugar, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This can make Halloween and the holiday season a trying time for families of diabetics, said Becky Jackson, executive director for the Desert Southwest chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

"Kids can still dress up and go out and go door-to-door, so they are part of that fun process as a kid. But when the kids go home, the parents need to step in," Jackson said. "They can still eat candy -- it just depends on the level of their need."

Maddison was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in December 2006. She had a genetic predisposition for the disease. Her grandfather was diagnosed in the 1980s and her mother, Kelly, was diagnosed only nine months before Maddison. Kelly said Maddison took it in stride, though.

"She did really well. She never complained and never cried," Kelly said.

But Kelly said her oldest daughter, Hannah, 12, took it hard.

"It's tough to have to watch what my mom and Maddison have to go through," Hannah said.

Kelly got involved with the support group West Valley Parents of Type One Kids. She said the group, formed by moms of type 1 diabetics, consisted of seven families when she joined. Now there are 25. A lot of friendships have grown out of the group and, the Lyonses have become a mentor family to return the favor.

"It's been great support for the kids as well as the parents," Kelly said.


Trick or treating with diabetes

Tips for parents

* Trade the night's booty for a toy that your child really wants.

* Plan alternative activities and treats, such as a party that focuses on fun, not food.

* Inform teachers and school nurses about your child's illness. The holiday can be a teaching opportunity about health, science and diet.

* Take inventory of Halloween candy. Space out your distribution by having your child pick out only a few things and have them eat one a day.

Source: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

2008 Walk to Cure Diabetes

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Flash back to 2007....Maddison and I were contacted by a local newspaper to talk about kids with Diabetes and Halloween. Maddison was SO proud to talk to a "real live news reporter!" Here is the article.....(If you click on the article you can zoom in :)
From Chasing Numbers

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NAKED For Reyna

My online friend REYNA over at Beta Buddies wants us to bare all, sharing our intimate insulin pump settings from ratio to basals. YES, Reyna!!! I AM curious to know other PWD pump settings because it amazes me how different we all are! Its amazing how each body has its own insulin needs and how each body uses insulin differently! You wont find Diabetes with a set written order...."take 3u of insulin per meal" NO NO NO NO YOU WONT!!! Each one of us have managed our/childs insulin needs to the BEST of our ability and its always changing! So, here goes......

(For anyone that doesn't HAVE Diabetes, this talk may be overwhelming, so WATCH OUT!)

1) What kind on insulin management mode do you use? Maddison and I both use insulin pumps 24/7..... Medtronic baby!

2) How often do you inject/change pump sites? We change Maddison's pump site every 3-4 days when the weather permits, otherwise in the summer we change the site every 2 days. In summer (8 months in AZ!) we have to change the site more often from sweatiness or swimming. As soon as we see two numbers over 280 we change the site. Just to be safe. For ME? I change my site every 3 days in the summer.....every 4-6 days (BAD I KNOW!!)when the weather is cooler....OR I change it at the second number over 180 because I know the site isn't working so great if I hit over 180.

3) What type (s) of insulin do you use? NOVOLOG!!! I tried Apidra for myself and almost died. Not really, but after lows following every meal for 3 days I felt like death. Apidra is TOO fast for me! Why change anything if you dont have to? I LOVE my Novolog, I have it figured out!

4) What are your basal settings ?

12am .25u
8am .25u
630am .30u
8am .25u
9am .20u
730p .35u
11pm .25u

12am .30u
8am .25u
9pm .30u

5) What are your correction factors?

12am 180
3am 250
4am 260
7am 215
8pm 180

12am 90
3am 130
8pm 90

6. What are your meal ratios ?

Breakfast 1:13
Morning Snack 1:20
Lunch 1:18
Afternoon Snack 1:20
Dinner 1:24

My ratio is 1:12 all day!!

7. What do you do for activity and/or PE?

PE days for Maddison... she gets 8c uncovered if she is less than 150....BUT, thats because this year PE is at a time when she has NO ACTIVE insulin from breakfast. THANK GOODNESS!!! If she had PE right after breakfast she would get at least 15c of a snack with no insulin depending on what her number was going into PE, and depending on how much insulin was still working. Active insulin from a meal + exercise = WATCH OUT!!! We dont really mess with temp basals unless its summer swim season. Usually uncovered snacks work fine for Maddie.

FOE ME!!?? WELL....If Im having a cleaning day (same as PE!!) and running CRAZY through the house I get to treat myself to 1/2c OJ without insulin. If I'm actually waking up early and doing my workout I get coffee with no bolus (20c free, bolus a tiny .2 to stop liver highs!) and then set a temp basal at 60% with boluses HALF of what they are on non-workout days. If Im packing a house (or the like) and running around know the deal... SKITTLES ALL DAY.

8) How do you manage Pizza, Macaroni and Cheese, or any other "difficult to manage" foods? Maddison just gets the same old same bolus for everything and we correct the highs. Ice cream we dose an extra unit, which seems to work well... Otherwise nothing really effects Maddison's sugar in crazy ways. I guess I have learned to correct the high with a little extra....I have yet to master an extended bolus without causing some scary lows!!

FOR ME? I get a dual wave 50/50 over 2 hours for pasta, pizza and ice cream.

9. How do you prefer to manage your logs/data? Yes, REYNA!!! I HATE computerized programs too!! We have used the Freestyle program in the past, for me its awesome because all I see is GREEN. As in, 80% in range numbers. For Maddison? I WOULD DIE seeing her numbers on a computer program! Too much information!!

I dont have to log numbers for myself....I rarely see a number over 160, if I do, its because I carelessly counted carbs....OR, PMS is coming....and THAT gets a different basal setting!! Logging for Maddison is a plain old note book with highlights of highs/lows. I dont log if things are going well....and right now they have been for months!!! YAY for a break!!! (ok, I have logged a few off days and made SOME changes for Maddie lately, but nothing CRAZY)


"I exposed myself "as a naked pancreas" to the whole D-OC."

"Anyone else game? PLEASE...inquiring minds want to know!"

"A day-in-the-life of curiosity and in pursuit of pancreatic know-how."

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last Night

Last night my own blood sugar hit 332. That RARELY happens. I might see a 200 once in a full moon, so the 332 had me nearly passed out and ready for bed, EARLY. I just couldn't stay awake. Hannah and I climbed in bed to watch a movie. I only lasted about 30 seconds before I fell asleep. I remember leaping from bed about an hour later. I was having one of those dreams where you can FEEL every emotion. I was sweaty and panicked, my heart was pounding. I wanted to scream out loud....

This dream (nightmare really) was by far the worst dream I had ever experienced. It felt so real. I could even feel her cold hands. I was caught in a dream that Maddison had died in her sleep, dead in bed syndrome. I have never been so scared in my life. I thought it was real. In reality I was rushing in to touch her hands, touch her little chubby check her blood sugar that wasn't due for another hour. I guess I was still dreaming as I sat beside her on her bed, only I remember being half awake at the same time, telling myself it was just a dream. But I was dreaming that she was cold and lifeless. I couldn't tell reality from the nightmare. I think I was stuck somewhere in between.

After Maddison's blood sugar beeped on the meter screen I realized she really was ok. It was a dream. I think the beeping of the meter actually woke me from the nightmare. The first thing I thought of was Eilish's parents. I remember feeling heartache and emptiness. If those words can even describe it. I climbed in bed with Maddison, held her tight, and quietly let the tears flow.

Tonight Im afraid to sleep. Im afraid of nightmares. Nightmares because of the recent deaths of so many young kids with T1. Today I looked at Maddison in disbelief. Disbelief knowing tomorrow isnt a promise, even more so for our kids with Diabetes. Im afraid to correct Maddison's high blood sugars now before bed. I want her around 160 instead of that 130. Then I feel guilty for that.

I'm afraid for Maddison to sleep alone. Im just afraid. Full of fear in the night. Some how Diabetes is scary again. Like it was in the beginning. Damn it.

Over the years we have gotten to a "comfort zone" with Diabetes and sleep. Sleep hasn't been a scary time.....just the normal checks without the agonizing FEAR. For awhile, I guess we are back to square one again. Diabetes wins. Diabetes is kicking my ass with fear.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Anger Behind Me

Anger and fear are behind me. My heart is heavy and grieving, for a child I never knew. For her entire family. Dear sweet Eilish died her sleep this week. She was just 13 years old. Eilish was diagnosed with T1 Diabetes at the age of 3. Eilish's parents managed her Diabetes with constant diligence, 24/7 for over 10 years. Yet, she still passed away in her sleep. They call it DEAD IN BED SYNDROME . Whatever you call it, whatever happened that tragic night, the truth is Diabetes can kill. Without notice. Without reason. Tragic. Unspeakable. Every parents worst nightmare.

Im still at a loss for words. But as always, Amy's Blog says it all....

DIABETES: The Possibilities

In honor of Eilish and all the children, adults and family members that live with Diabetes. BLUE. Spread the word. Educate. Be heard. Stand strong.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Random feelings explode (and ramble on)

Skittles have been my best friend for two weeks now. I'm totally sugar drained. If I have to eat one more speck of sugar to keep myself from passing out and seizing on the floor I think I will vomit. Or lose it. Temp basal? No luck there. No insulin for food? Doesn't matter. I'm still low, and feeling SICK because of it.

I can't seem to get my blood sugars over 80 for days now! I sit lifeless without energy in between zooming around doing the normal daily things on top of the crazy moving things. I'm near tears most of the day because Diabetes is kicking my ass. Heck, Ive cried more in the last two weeks than I think I have in years. Since Maddison's diagnosis that is.

Sure, the 80 range is GREAT for anyone....but not when you are insulin dependant and packing up a house to move. 80 isn't very far from 50 you know. 50 isn't safe. 50 isn't very far from 30 either. I know. I've been awaken several times from my sleep the past two weeks thinking I'm dying. Heck, I guess I was. 58, 62, 31, 36, 45, 59, 32, 38. One moving day effects blood sugars for the next 24hours. I've been playing this packing, cleaning, unpacking game for 2 weeks now. I'm tired. I'm drained. I've been scared by my own body too many times lately. Diabetes, I hate you today more than ever.

Up and down the moving ramp. Cleaning, unpacking, lifting, pushing, dragging......Moving sucks, especially when you are moving into a smaller home without a spare bedroom! I'm not sure how we have accumulated so much STUFF over the past 10 years, but I do know the donation boxes around town have been stuffed full with our goods. Maddison's beloved stuffed animals (8 huge trash bags full) have found their way to new homes where they will be cherished by children that will love them. Maddison is always so happy to give to others! Damn I love this girl! My spare dishes, pots, pans, Tupperware, blankets, towels, decorative, clothing, shoes, small appliances, and extra furniture will all be put to good use. Good riddance. I think we are almost settled in our new home!!

Today was the day I set my mind to focus on moving forward, a new home and a new start to SO many things in life. I'm back at work today (FINALLY) and things should be moving in the right direction with a new routine. I'm not looking back. I just want to push through this year. I can't wait to see 2010 come to an end. I'm optimistic. I'm kicking aside all the uncertainties that have been chasing me.....And then I remembered...

Today my Dad would be turning 65. My heart is empty. Again. Again I push my feelings aside trying to just make it through the day. Again it is catching up to me. I try not to think about it. But its overwhelming me today. Its not that my Dad is gone. Its not that at all. Its the 25 days of hell it took to get him the peace he deserved. Now he is peaceful, where he should be. No more Dialysis. No more highs and lows. No more Neuropathy. No more chronic pain. Yet, those 25 days of hell are haunting my heart today. :(

I still have yet to actually sit down and process that he is really gone. I still have yet to FEEL those 25 days of HELL in ICU. I built a wall of numbness to make it through at the time. To be strong for my Mom. Someone had to make decisions. Someone had to make sure he received the care he needed. You can read about our fight starting HERE......

The hospital errors. The helpless feelings. The suffering. The numbness and anger of watching your loved one being kept alive on a Ventilator. Because of a medical error. I've always pushed my feelings aside and dealt with the new day. I haven't yet mourned for my Dads suffering because life hasn't stopped throwing shit at me since this time last year. It seems like every single week there is something new that's trying to break me down. But, I am stronger. I refuse to stop and cry. I just move forward and be happy with what we DO have. Happy Birthday Dad, you are always in my heart.

So, anyway, a new home means a new start right? A good time to change. A good time to set your mind back to where it used to be before all hell broke loose. A good time to fight to stay optimistic. We should ALWAYS stay optimistic right? Well, now Im angry. Today isn't going to be a good starting over day after all. -Sigh-

Today I woke up to my beloved Coffee and Facebook updates as usual. Or, so I thought. Today started with a stab in the heart. Chills down my spine. Send me back to bed. The fetal position sounded really good right about then.

This morning I find the news that another 13yr old girl has died in her sleep because of T1 Diabetes. The online Diabetes community is shocked and heart broken.(This is the 5th (?) teen death this year from T1 while sleeping) T1. Type 1 Diabetes. Juvenile Diabetes. Plain old Diabetes. Its all the same. The same disease that has been kicking my ass for the last 2 weeks. The same disease that my Maddison has. The same disease that children everywhere are battling. The same disease that took EVERYTHING from my Dad for over 30 years of his life. His eyes, his kidneys. Thats all I think about when I think of my things didnt have to be that way for him. Today, I'm angry. I'm tired. Yet, I'm cherishing life. Mourning for this family. Scared for my own.

And then.....Im angry. Our JDRF Walk is in 10 days and we have yet to see friends and family sign up to join us. Do they think Diabetes is a non issue now since we have been living with it for so long? Do they think this year the walk is any less important to a little girl who just wants her family and friends to gather in honor of HER? In honor of her smile through it all? Do people really think Diabetes is now okay and invisible in our home? Do they? Is it EVER okay to poke tiny fingers 12 times a day and draw blood? Is it ever okay to jab a pump needle into a child's tiny arm? Is life okay now because Diabetes is just routine? Is it okay for low blood sugars to STILL kick my child to the ground? Is it okay for her to wake up vomiting near death because her blood sugar is too high and toxic?!! Is it okay for friends and family to give up on walking for the cure!? Do people think Diabetes is any easier today just because we still smile?

I'll be the first to say it. Fuck the Breast Cancer Walk. I'm sorry for anyone who has had it, loved someone with it, known someone who has died from it....but where is the care and concern for our children with Diabetes? When will the whole damn world care about OUR Cure? Maybe I shouldn't blog when I'm this angry. Maybe I shouldn't shout out what I've been thinking for years....but damn it....Diabetes deserves the same recognition and concern as Breast Cancer. And DAMN IT, people need to know that children are dying from this disease just the same as women every where with Breast cancer!!! CHILDREN!!!! Diabetes inflicts pain daily. Not just physical but emotional. For a lifetime. There is no promise. Even the best "controlled" Diabetes has NO PROMISE OF TOMORROW. NO PROMISE you will be free of complications like kidney failure, amputation or blindness!! Diabetes SUCKS every day for CHILDREN!!! And, Diabetes deserves the same recognition as BREAST CANCER because it is a daily battle for LIFE! FOR OUR CHILDREN!!!! IM SO TIRED of dreaming that other people understood. Im SO TIRED of Diabetes being overlooked and minimized!!!

I'm sorry, but it seems no one has the time this year to walk with Maddison's JDRF team. That makes me ANGRY. We have 15 walkers compared to 40+ in years past. We have raised...hmmmm.....MAYBE $200 compared to 5K every other year. I know times are tough. I haven't asked for donations. I have asked for SUPPORT. Be there. Walk with Maddison. Show you care. Show you understand how she DREAMS and TALKS about a cure. Just be there for HER!! Walk beside her. Thats all I ask. The sad thing is, I shouldn't have to ask.

4 years have passed since that day Maddison was admitted to the hospital with her new LIFE diagnosis. For 4 years Maddison has done nothing but smile through it all. For 4 years Maddison has smiled through being teased by kids that don't understand. She has listened to people's ignorance. With a smile on her face, and pain in her heart. She just wants understanding. Diabetes isnt about food. It isnt about "oh poor baby has to take shots." Diabetes is about fighting for life. Every-single-day.

Tell the mother who's daughter that just died in her sleep that you dont have time to walk for our children this year. Tell the mother who will live with this guilt and anguish for the rest of her life, even though she did everything she could to keep her child healthy and alive. Go ahead. Tell me WHY you aren't walking this year? Tell me WHY. Writing this, Im not sure why Im so angry. I guess Im angry because Maddison still talks about a cure many days while I pray my heart out every single night. I sign on to our JDRF walk page and see NOTHING. NO ONE. No one wants to walk this year. And that makes me angry.

So thats it. What started as a normal day is anything but. A mother is mourning the loss of her child to Type 1 Diabetes. I could be next. Today, that makes me angry because I am stricken with FEAR. We shall try again tomorrow to find PEACE and OPTIMISM in an uncertain world. Today I just dont feel it.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Busy Lows

Packing, organizing,'d think this post were about moving, but its really not. Diabetes manifests EVERYWHERE when you have a super busy day. (or days) Lows have been kicking me down the past week. It always amazes me how hours of what seems to be slow paced work puts blood sugars down in the gutters. Yesterday I had 7bad lows. SEVEN. All under 50.

Reduce that basal. Eat extra carbs, bolus less. Doesn't matter what I do, I end up low. Right now, I especially dont have time for lows. I HATE having to stop and treat a low blood sugar on even a normal day. I HATE having to sit down when I have SO much to do just because Im dizzy, weak and my lips are numb. Why does Diabetes have to force me into slowing down? ACK. I'll be SO happy when Monday roles around and life can move forward. I'll be SO happy when this moving process is over and lows stop haunting me all day! Moving REALLY sucks when you have Diabetes!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spilling It.

Im just gonna come out and say it. COBRA SUCKS. DIABETES SUCKS. OUR HEALTH INSURANCE SUCKS.... So here goes, its the same sad story that too many other families are going through right now......

Josh left his job two years ago because his employer was changing his "higher" paying route in which he only worked 3 days per week driving to Vegas and back. It was the perfect "job" for him, and when he lost it, he decided the grass would be greener elsewhere. So he left. Josh and I also thought this new employer would have better insurance coverage because ours sucked. Or, so we thought!

Two years later. Two job changes later. Months of COBRA that KILLED US in
2008-2009. COBRA expenses were the same as a mortgage payment, for just Maddison and I. Pre-existing condition ya know. We had no choice. This new job brought HORRID medical insurance. Our medical expenses and monthly premium DOUBLED. Two with Diabetes in this house. A Salary that isnt what was expected, and isn't what it was. Josh works 60hrs a week for less than before. Its been rough for two years now.

Anyone heard of the drama with Bank of America? Well, thats us. Last Monday when we called to check the status of our loan "modification" we were told it had been denied. And...... Our. Home. Was. Auctioned. That. Same. Day. SOLD back to the bank.

So, the last week Ive been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. We have until the 22nd of this month. To. Be. Out. Of. Our. Home. Of. OVER. 10. YEARS. We had this home built for US. I was 23 when we bought this home and Josh was 25. Hannah was 4. I was 7 months pregnant with Maddison when we moved in. This home was for our family. Exactly what we wanted. We are the end house on a cul-de-sac lot. By the greenbelt. We paid a pretty penny for this premium location, knowing our kids could run around and be safe outside with lots of room to roam. We invested in the pool. Josh extended the patio for the AZ summer with pool parties. I have a garden like I always wanted. In the Summer Maddison grows HUGE Zucchinis. We put everything we had into making this house a home. We have the BEST neighbors. We all moved in pregnant with our second child....and our kids have grown up together. BUT, its just a house in the end. Not a mansion by any means, but it was MINE. It was perfect. Where I planned to live out my Mommyhood. Then came Diabetes.

I blame Diabetes for this loss because of COBRA. If we didnt have Diabetes we wouldnt have had to pay for COBRA those 6 months before our new insurance took effect. We wouldn't have fallen behind just because medical insurance was a priority. A must. If it weren't for Diabetes we wouldn't be spending so much money on copays, pump supplies, lab work. Seriously.

Friday I took Hannah to the Urgent Care. Strep Throat. $200 bucks in copays and prescriptions. It makes me think of our home, that is now bank owned. Because of medical expenses. Because we have sucky insurance. Maybe this isnt entirely because of health care and Diabetes, but a majority is.

Sunday night we went to a friends BBQ. The kids rolled in the grass. Hannah had welts up and down her legs. Bug bites? Mosquito's? Ants? She didnt feel a thing. The next morning one of the MANY spots on her legs turned HUGE. As in, 5cm. HOT. RED. HARD AS A ROCK. Urgent care. Cellulitits. Another $200 bucks. Thats kinda how this year has been. One expense after another. Alot of it being medical.

So....we just found a house that we will be moving into this weekend. I can tell you that my Diabetes has been nearly cured with all the stress and packing Ive done this past week. Thats a good thing I guess. But, lows suck. Especially when you dont have time to sit around and wait them out.

In the end, its JUST a house. Life happens. Things change. Change can be good. I look forward to down grading our lives. SHOOT, you should see the junk and wasted items that have been pouring out of my closets since I started packing last week! So, there ya go. I spilled it. And man....I feel so much better! Time to move forward. Im not looking back, and Im REALLY trying not to be bitter with Diabetes for every way in which it has changed our lives!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Maddison is still high. You know...the illness highs. The ones that come down only for a moment, then spike up again even though you have done EVERYTHING to keep them away. Those highs. Those highs suck the most. You really feel like that one in range number is progress.....then BOOM. All highs again. Im feeling a bit bitter towards Diabetes today. My poor Maddie is exhausted.

Twenty minutes after school started today Maddison went in to see the Nurse for "feeling more tired than ever in life." She said she couldnt stay awake.
BS= 226. The Nurse sent Maddie back to class. 30 minutes later, Maddison came back for a headache. Tylenol. BS= 248. More complaining of being "more tired than ever in life." So, the Nurse emailed me at work. Did I mention I LOVE our school Nurse?

I told the Nurse that Maddison ran in the 300-400's all weekend. She sympathized, then asked if I wanted to come pick Maddison up. (She stayed home from school yesterday) Of course I WANTED to pick Maddison up from school.....but can you really bring your D kid home just because blood sugars are kicking their asses on top of a little cold? Of course not. And thats why Im bitter. Being sick is bad enough. Being sick with high blood sugars too? Its just not even fair. The double whammy. Damn you Diabetes.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I hate that Diabetes is such a bitch when Maddison is sick. As if being sick isnt sucky enough. Leave it to Diabetes to throw in some crazy insulin resistant highs with a touch of muscle aches and pains just when our kids are feeling crappy enough. Extreme thirst. Headaches. Burning eyes and tummy aches. 318, 331, 329, 174,
247, 173, 303, 271, 274, 340, 351, 338, 426, 374, 284, 198. Maddison's numbers for the last 24 hours. ICK. YUCK. Another cold is headed her way.

Friday Maddison ran low ALL DAY at school, never made it over 120. She hoovered from the 48-70 range for over two hours. Friday night before bed until 5am I couldn't get her out of the 80 range after Skittles or juice. An extra long temp basal decrease finally did the trick. I should have known something was coming. Maddison always runs low before getting sick. Then BOOM. All of a sudden its nothing but highs.

This high streak of numbers started yesterday afternoon before I dropped Maddison off for a sleep over at her Auntie's. I was originally worried about lows because Friday was a low day at school, but all we saw were highs. Of course we questioned the need for a site change, insulin change...all that stuff we do when highs creep in. But on sleepover night? UGH. As if sleepovers dont put enough worries in a D parents mind. What really matters is that Maddison still got to stay the night. Auntie checked Maddison every few hours and called me with her number. She didnt really budge much. But its sleep over night!? I couldnt go bonkers and increase anything either now could I? Maddison didn't sleep well, but she says she feels "ok" today. Sniffles. Tickly cough. Headache. This will be a long night. I hate the Diabetes Monster. I love Aunt Christie! Thanks for taking such good care of Maddison and letting her sleep over!

Friday, October 1, 2010


I was just "tagged" for a "MEME" by my friend Kris over at MY SUGAR BUGS! So here goes...I guess I gotta post for ME and Maddison :)

What Type of Diabetes Do You Have?

My Daughter and I both have Type 1 Diabetes.

When Were You Diagnosed?

I was diagnosed St Patty's day in March 2006 when I was 28, then Maddison was dx'd 9months after me in December. She was 6.

What's Your Current Blood Sugar?

Mine was just 131 before I stuffed 2 cookies in my face (Damn PMS made me do it!) and Maddison was 150 before school this morning. No phone call from the school Nurse means's she is A-OK at school!!

What Kind of Meter Do You Use?

We use the Freestyle Lite...always have. LOVE the new would be amazed the TEENSY TINY DROP of blood it needs, and the little flash light on the tip of the meter for night checks? PRICELESS.

How many times per day do you check your blood sugar?

Im usually very stable and predictable assuming Im not eating abnormal stuff and GUESSING carbs, so I only check about 3-8 times a day. Maddison however....UGH. Somewhere around at least 10. Usually closer to 12 or 15. Not by choice.

What is a "HIGH" number for you?

My high is anything over 160, though I dont stress until Im around 180. I can correct numbers over 120 for ME.....Maddison's high when she is 180, but I dont stress with her until around 220. I can't correct a number under 150 on Maddison or its bad news. (of course I could figure it out...but YA KNOW)

What do you consider "LOW"?

We aren't "low" until under 70.

What is your favorite low blood sugar reaction treater?

Mine is juice. Easy to grab, easy to get down quickly and I know it's going to work fast. Hers would be Skittles. Of course it really depends on HOW low. Somewhere in the 80's? I COPIED KRISTI'S ANSWER!!! :) But I say, Glucose tabs for numbers under 60 please!! (not because we like the taste of them!)

Describe your dream endo:

I can describe her in 2 words. Dr. D (Ok so one word and one initial) It doesn't get any better than her! COPIED YOUR ANSWER AGAIN KRISTI!!! :) I also say, I recently switched to Maddison's Endo because I love her so much! And, YES! She IS a PEDIATRIC ENDO!!! But, she see's patients up to age 40. So, I got 7 years till she kicks me out! LOL

Who's on your support team?

My husband, my Hannah, Maddison, My Mom, my DAD (still from heaven) BETH, D BLOGGERS and our local support group!

Do you think there will be a cure in your lifetime?

Hmmmm.....some days I really do think there will be. If not in mine, I pray for our kids. Maddison? Oh...she TOTALLY believes a cure is SO CLOSE!

What is a 'CURE' to you?

A cure would be a working Pancreas. Period.

The most annoying thing people say to you about your diabetes:

"Oh my Grandma has Diabetes" But can I please list more than just ONE!!?? Maddison hates it when people ask her if she can eat sugar.

The most common misconception about your diabetes:

For me Im mostly irritated when people ask if I used to be overweight, they usually say "Oh but you are too thin to have Diabetes!" Speaking for Maddison, I think she would say the worst misconception is that she shouldnt be tracking down the ice cream man!

If you could say one thing to your pancreas what would it be?

"Why can't you just work?"

And THATS the MeMe today for both MEME and Maddison! Thanks Kris!!