Monday, October 29, 2012

Our own worst critics

Today I've learned that I really just dont give myself enough credit. My A1c came back at 6.9% when I was SURE it would be darn smack in the middle of the 8's (based on my own crazy logic)if not higher. But no, as A1c was nowhere near what I expected. THANK GOODNESS!!

This morning Maddison and I both had Endo appointments, our last appointments were back in February!! 8 months ago!! I thought I was really gonna hear it. I thought our Endo would be totally disappointed in me....but all I heard was how great we are doing. Whaattt? We are? I feel like we are a mess!! Sometimes I guess we really are our own worst critics!!

My blood sugars during the day have been great, but Ive gotten super lazy and careless with carb counting and eating too much junk by the evening hours. This really IS an easy fix ....stop eating JUNK!! Im pretty ticked off at my new bad habit, but I like to blame my increased dose of bio-identical hormones for making me food crazy some days. Tired? Stressed? Bored? Whatever the real underlying reason (reasons!) are, it has caused me to gain 5lbs which is even more ICK since Ive recently turned 35!! I need to get back into shape cuz I aint gettin any younger!!

Tomorrow is a new day! One step at a time I will kick this terrible eating habit to the curb and hopefully have my A1c greatly improved just based on breaking this bad habit alone. I know I CAN do it, I just have to put forth the effort and walk away from the cupcake!! Measure what Im eating....give SOME effort!! Im sure it would also help if I started working out more, cuz who wants to eat junk after you worked your butt off in the gym? The good news is that with the cooler weather Im ALWAYS wanting to be outside so I can already say Im on the road to doing better anyway. Now if we can just make it past the holidays and all the dang FOOD!! Its kinda funny how Im suddenly feeling the motivation to do better with my eating habits since my A1c just told me I'm not such a mess afterall....weird how that happens.

Maddison? Well, Maddison has grown 3 inches since her last Endo appointment!! THREE INCHES!! Her A1c was GREAT, especially considering the pre-teen craziness we are learning to manage. This pre-teen D life can surely be alot more work than when she was little! So, Maddison has the ok to just see the Endo once a year (unless I feel the need to schedule of course) but strangely enough I need to be back in just 3 months thanks to my current hormonal chaos that always seems to need tending to. YUCK.

Our 6th JDRF walk is next weekend. WOW how time has flown!! The little girl I used to worry about every second of every single day is now a pre-teen with 6 years of Diabetes under her belt. She is crazy healthy, growing like a weed, and super responsible with caring for her Diabetes. Now lets just hope and believe it will all stay this way for awhile!

***Blog edit***

I finally got to review the paperwork I brought home from the Endo's office today, and what I see is quite interesting...

My finger poke A1c in the office today was indeed 6.9% but the lab draw from 11 days ago shows shows a 7.5%!!!!!!!!!!! Now thats a HUGE difference! I know the last week or two before the A1c can reflect the most in the result (especially if having lots of highs or lows) but the results still don't make sense based on my meter readings. Oh well! It is what it is, but it drives me crazy when the finger poke A1c and lab draw are so far off!