Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I believe in miracles.

I believed to the bottom of my heart and soul that the Schuhmacher family would beat the odds.

I have hoped and prayed with every ounce of my being for the last 6 months that this remarkable family be blessed with a miracle.

They simply had to!!!

Meri is an online "D" Mom, Dad is Ryan, and together they have been raising 4 amazing boys....3 of the Schuhmacher boys have Type 1 Diabetes. This in itself is remarkable!!

Meri has been the pillar of strength in the DOC (Diabetes online community) as long as I can remember. I have spent endless hours reading Meri's blogs over the years, and what has always struck me the most about Meri and Ryan is their outlook and perspective of living this crazy D life. (x's3!!)Meri has often guided me back to the right mental and spiritual path when I thought I'd likely lose my mind....

Back in February with a broken, heavy heart Meri and her dear Husband Ryan announced that he was facing reoccouring Metastatic Melanoma. In short, they needed a miracle.

I prayed endlessly.....

We ALL prayed endlessly.

All around the world, members of the Diabetes Online Community (and beyond!) worked together to comfort and support Meri and Ryan during a time that is/was simply devastating. This GIVE FORWARD page was established by caring friends and family of the Schumacher's to help provide financial assistance for the family while Ryan awaited his miracle...

But on September 2nd, Ryan Schuhmacher passed away. Sudden, and totally unexpected.

As Meri said, Ryan has received the miracle of being set free.

Set free from the physical pain and despair of fighting this terrible disease.

No more pain. No more suffering. Just FREE.

Please visit the Schuhmacher giving page to lend a helping hand to a family when they need support the most.

Thank you!!!

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