Thursday, March 31, 2011


Red, burning eyes. Foggy brain. Triple cups of coffee. My own (increased) 7 day average is now showing a 158. (I can **usually** hang around a 120 average) UGH. ICK. -Sigh- Weeks of tweaking Maddison's overnight basal rates are definitely showing in my own numbers now, on top of making me look and feel like a train wreck. Last night I finally saw progress, even though I didnt check Maddison's sugars as much as I should have...

9:53pm (going to bed) her BS= 239 Gave correction of .4 per pump. Set my alarm for 2 hours later, but I didnt LEAP out of bed until an hour later! ACK!

1am BS= 95 (THANK GOD) Sip some juice just in case

3am BS= 119 (WOW, WOW. HOORAY!) I cant remember (sleep deprivation is very dangerous) but I think I remember giving Maddison some more juice to sip because I wasnt sure she would stay safe without going low from recent drastic basal dose changes....

5am, my alarm was set and I never got up!!! (exactly what happens when I get this tired)

6am BS= 185

Not too bad. AWESOME progress compared to days/weeks past! This morning was a whole new worry. Starting today Maddison's morning basal doses are now increased to amounts NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!! Its very stressful to make these kinds of changes!! You just dont know what to expect, and of course today just happened to be a PE day. UGH. How do you see the **REAL** basal change result on a PE day!!?? Truth is, you dont. You wait another day. This is exactly how one high day turns into 3, then a week, then 2 weeks....suddenly a month later you are still chasing numbers. Hence the name of the blog my friends!

Looking over my log I can see where the school day went wrong...

At 9am Maddison went to the Nurse for a tummy ache. BS= 224. (DAMN, need to pre-bolus!!) Maddison was given TUMS and the school nurse bolused 5c (as she thought she should do because Maddison has been running high) which dosed Maddison .4units by pump. ACK. SHEESH! SHIT! GEEZ!!! **I** being Momma pancreas, would have known better than to give insulin for TUMS during all these changes Im making. Not only have I been adjusting Maddison's basal rates, but also her breakfast ratio. Which meant TODAY was also day 1 of the new ratio!!! (not to mention this time of day she should have gotten a 1:17 ratio (for post breakfast)instead of her breakfast ratio of 1:12 which was given!!! A ratio change WITH basal changes = a double whammy and even more of a reason NOT to dose 5c for TUMS!!!!!

Poor school Nurse. I love her to death, she thought she was just doing her part trying to fight off these highs....but she just didnt know what Momma Pancreas knows. They just never will I guess -Sigh-

That one little .4 bolused for the TUMS caused Maddison to drop to 46 shortly after. Damn it. Luckily, just 12c popped Maddie up to a nice 92 and the rest of today Maddie's numbers have been perfect. (until bedtime's 89 with .1 active which now leaves me sleepless and waiting)

Finally after 3 weeks of morning highs I just had to tell myself that it was OK to up those morning basal rates to where I never have before!! The fear of causing lows at school for Maddison means I'm probably overly cautious when adjusting basals. Tomorrow (without insulin for TUMS!) Im confident I will see basal rates are much better tuned for Maddie. Of course, its Friday though.....Maddison always runs lower on Friday!! (no joke) So.....we wait till Saturday to see how numbers go.....Ummmmm....NO!!! Weekends are different than school days!! Soooooo......we wait until MONDAY to see some TRUE basal change results!! (By then Maddie's insulin needs are likely to be changing again anyway!)

For all my friends and family that dont live this crazy life.....

THIS is what its REALLY like to be the parent of a child with Diabetes. Thank GOD for insulin pump technology and the ability to micro-manage this crazy disease, but HOLY SHIT is it ALOT OF NEVER ENDING BRAIN POWER in the modern day!! (YAWN)

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Wendy said...

Sometimes I feel like I have no brainpower left.

Like today :(

Hang in there...