Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What happens after

During any illness Maddison tends to run low. Whether it be a "simple" cold, an ear infection or Strep throat, Maddison runs low when her little body is fighting off illness. AFTER the illness is what gets us. Every time.

Its been nearly 3 weeks since a bad cold/flu ran through our house, and I have yet to find sanity with Maddison's numbers. After the illness Maddison runs high. Gradually. Maybe a weirdo number here and there. Then BAM. She aint comin' out of the 250's.

Basal requirements go UP, and stay UP. Never to go back to where they were. Its as though more and more of Maddie's last lingering Beta Cells are killed off, leaving her daily insulin requirements higher than ever before. Its strange. It makes sense too I guess. It makes me oddly sad in a weird way.

3 weeks after the illness and Im still fighting to defeat Maddie's highs. Thats a long time. After the first week you start to visibly SEE the highs. The dark circles. First hers, then my own. The empty water bottles. The log book that looks like a I'm studying to be a Rocket Scientist. The irritability. Hers and mine. But Damn it, numbers have to settle down soon right?

Monday was back to school after Spring break, and, Maddison was pretty high
200-250's all day. So, I increased her basals in a few places for the early morning hours. The next day showed not a number over 150 all day. But, she still ran high all night. The day after that? She ran high all day. The next day? 3 lows before the school day was over. I cant make changes based on just one day of lows right? So, I changed nothing and waited to see what tomorrow would hold. HIGHS.

And THIS is what happens AFTER the illness. Just a day in the life of a Momma Pancreas I guess. -Sigh-


Heidi / D-Tales said...

It's so frustrating, I know. I hate the way illnesses wreak havoc on Jack's numbers.

Unknown said...

(((HUGS))) Illnesses are so difficult. As the kids look and feel seems like it can take their blood sugars a week to a few (in this case) to get back on track. Sorry you guys have been so sick. We just went through our Cold and Stomach Bug stent...and it wasn't pretty. Looks like we are back on track now though.


Our Diabetic Warrior said...

Sorry you guys are fighting so much sickness. We went through it about a month ago. Do you think maybe she could be fighting something else now? My kids get piggyback colds sometimes.

We're just in time to get over colds and welcome allergies. YUCK!