Saturday, February 19, 2011


Last night I decided to take a hot bath around 11pm as I waited for Maddison to fall asleep. Basal changes + pizza night meant Maddison was likely to run pretty high, but that really is the safest option for her right now with weird lows invading her nights.

My alarm clock sounded at 1am, 3am, 5am, 630am, and 8am. HOORAY for Saturday morning sleeping in until 8!! With every blood sugar check Maddison needed a correction for being over 200, but I decreased the suggested amounts. She woke up at 180. Sweet victory for a night of no lows! Of course, every night isnt pizza night and tonight will tell.

**I** for one, am soooooooo LUCKY. You'd think I would have noticed during one of Maddie's night time checks that I never re-attached my pump after my late night bath!!! It was 9am this morning before I realized it!! Thats TEN hours without basal insulin, and a panicked sugar check showed I was 225. SAY WHAT!!?? I've always known my Diabetes is much "easier" to manage than most...but no basal insulin for all that time and I woke up at 225? WOW. Just small ketones. I guess the glass of wine I had last night helped me out there too. LUCKY. LUCKY. LUCKY.

That glass of wine also made me a bit dramatic as I blogged last night about LACKING SLEEP, Emotions and Reality. As I finally read through the post for errors this morning I realized just how emotionally unstable I must seem to readers sometimes, I kinda giggled at myself. I must say, I dont actually "cry my eyes out" very often, but I feel like I need to often when things get crazy. I may have a few silent tears that fill my eyes during these trying times with numbers, and I may climb in bed and have my moment at the end of the day sometimes, but I dont actually cry my eyes out like I made it sound in yesterdays post. I guess wine is good for alot more than we thought...LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY me.


Hallie said...

Oh Kelly... I get it. I have those times too. I have days where I want to scream or cry and then it all changes in heart beat... or a number. No sleep does a number on you. That's what I blame, anyway. Well, that and diabetes! :)

Trev said...

Good work, scary lows are the worst for our wee one as well. I just blogged about that myself. The other night I had a low, fed it, then did a random check and my youngest type one was 2.8 mmol(multiply by 18 for USA) Scary stuff. Take care.

Alexis of Justices Misbehaving Pancreas said...

yay on the now lows!

And woah on the no basal. Glad it ended well.

Sometimes i throw on a sappy movie cause i need to cry. Need to let it all out. Hallies right no sleep definitely doesnt help!

Reyna said...

I love your "honest" posts Kelly. You said everything I have thought, felt, seethed over with "d" in that post. You did NOT seem irrational at all my friend. Ducking Fiabetes!!!

Laura @ Houston We Have A Problem! said...

Oh girl - we all have those moments and sometimes I do feel like I am crying my eyes out!!