Tuesday, October 22, 2013

For Shamae

In loving memory

When words cease to come
When your heart simply says it isn't so
When nothing you can say will make it better, kneel and pray.

Many years ago I started this blog as a place to vent and cry my tears, at a time in my life where I couldn't see much but darkness surrounding me. My blog became a place of comfort and security, a place I could release endless emotions while learning to live this new crazy life as a Mom to a young child with Diabetes. Little did I know at the time, I was about to be taken in under the wings of other Moms just like me. They were out there, and they were listening. Understanding. Reaching out. Commenting. Encouraging. Inspiring. Offering endless support.

It was here on my blog that Shamae reached out to me. Shamae's own Daughter was diagnosed with Diabetes at the age of 4, just a short time after Maddison's diagnosis. Although I was never lucky enough to meet Shamae in person, it always felt as though we had been lifetime friends from the start. Here we were, just two Moms living the life of "same same" and chatting away as online friends, while watching each others children grow through the years. Witness to each others triumphs and struggles along the bumpy road, Shamae was my angel in disguise. Her kind words always seemed to mend my broken heart, and she had the ability to overcome (with a smile) anything that came her way.

Over the weekend we received the shocking news that Shamae passed away in her sleep. Suddenly, and unexpected. She was just 30 years old. Shamae leaves behind three beautiful Daughters and her Husband of many years. Its unbelievable. Devastating. Unreal.

Shamae's insight and outlook on life is something I will always remember and cherish. Shamae was always a shining example of pure faith, hope and determination. I could never thank her enough for helping to pull me out from my post diagnosis darkness, just by simply being a friend. Shamae's husband and children were the center of her world, and her love for them was absolute. Through all life's hard times and what sometimes seemed to be endless struggles, Shamae still smiled. She always came out on top. She was one hell of a fighter for sure. Shamae was a fierce advocate for her Daughter, and perhaps one of the best advocates for ALL our children that there ever will be. Determined, strong, devoted. I have no doubts, Shamae was truly an angel, sent here for great purpose. I think she has served that purpose well and beyond, more than anyone will ever know. She has touched so many lives, just by being who she is, and being a great friend to many....even if just through a computer screen. Shamae has certainly earned her wings.

Shamae was an even better Mother, and a beautiful devoted wife. I often found myself in awe over her CRAZY HAPPY LIFE! Happiness just seeps from her little girls smiles, showing just how great of a Mom she really was.

There are no words to describe the sorrow I feel in my heart, for her babies. For her husband, her family. Shamae's beautiful life was taken too soon, for reasons no one could ever truly understand.

Shamae, I will cherish our online friendship for eternity. We will do our best to fulfill your dreams, and see to it that your sweet Sydney gets her cure one day.....

Love always,


Amy said...

Just beautiful.....

Hallie Addington said...

Crying. Beautifully said. Yes- we will continue the fight. Knowing we have an angel on our side.
Love you, Kelly!

Nicole said...

beauutiful!! <3

Heidi / D-Tales said...


"We will do our best to fulfill your dreams, and see to it that your sweet Sydney gets her cure one day....." Oh, yes, we will!

Joanne said...

Well said Kelly! Just beautiful... So thankful for our friend Shamae.

Misty said...

Your last line got me! Beautiful!

Lora said...

It's tough reading all these posts. Shamae was one of the kindest, caring dmamas.

Kris said...

That was beautiful, Kelly. Love you, my sweet friend.