Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just a cold?

If this ick we are going through is just a bad cold, I'd hate to see what the flu would bring! I started the morning with high ketones and a fever, and low blood sugar. WEIRD. I'm always low when I'm sick while Maddison runs high. Maddison had small ketones and a terrible cough. No fever for her thank goodness! This is day 6 of Maddison feeling terrible, but it does come and go through out the day giving her some relief. In between coughs and a headache that lingers, Maddison plays with her birds, then climbs back in bed beside me. Maddison and I go through alot together, thats for sure.

This is the 2nd time today I've pulled myself out of bed. My fever is gone for now, and so is my voice from all the coughing! It was time to conquer some of Maddison's absent work....HOLY MOLY, just looking at that pile made my nausea return. We made it through about 2 papers and that was all we could both handle. We watched the movie "UP" and the movie "Santa Buddies" until we both fell asleep. -Sigh- We are tired of being sick and tired! Tomorrow I'm hoping to send Maddison back to school.....I'm dreading that already. Maddison's highs I had figured out before illness are back of course. As if being sick isnt enough to wear you out! Add high blood sugars and its down right miserable. If my fever stays away I'll be back at work too......I just want to get on with week and back to functioning! This is some terrible ick!


phonelady said...

yes it is and Im down with the ick too .

Wendy said...

Oh, Kelly!!!!!

I will pray for your quick healing. I'm so sorry this bug landed in your house!!!!


Please let me know if there's ANYTHING I can do. Love ya!!!!!

Amy said...

Well...at least your in it together!!! Feel better soon!!

Beth said...

I'm sorry you both are still feeling so nasty! Hoping you get well very, very quickly (like yesterday!)

Megann said...

You and Wendy are in AZ! We need to meet, and over lunch sounds fantastic. I'll be staying in Gilbert. Send me your email and we'll plan something.