Thursday, June 14, 2012

Its NOT the Damn Shots People!!

Saturday morning before dropping Maddison off for camp we planned to meet her Dad for breakfast downtown where he was working. It ended up a bit chaotic to say the least! Not only was **I** the passenger being driven around by my 15yr old who newly has her driving permit, but we were in an area of town that I am NOT familiar with. YIKES. Enough said!!! We ended up lost for a short while trying to find the breakfast meeting spot, so Maddison was a bit grumpy being worried about making it to the bus on time for departure. DOUBLE YIKES. I could feel my blood pressure (and probably blood sugar) rising minute by minute....

We finally found the IHOP with plenty of time to "relax" before having to head out to meet the bus for camp, but "relax" wasnt gonna happen with 2 giant Red Velvet Pancakes staring at me from Maddison's plate. What was I thinking? Icing, not syrup. Maddison gave me the evil eye when I ordered the icing on the side......What the hell? What kind of crazy new pancake is this anyway!!?? Maddison super bolused a crazy amount of carbs, and I tried my best to not wonder how she would feel arriving at Camp in a few hours. Would she bottom out low? Would she be sky high? I still dont know the answer to that....but Im sure her blood sugar will be logged in her book somewhere reflecting those crazy ass pancakes!! Today I'm still dying to know if we kicked some Diabetes ass with those pancakes or not....

So, guess what this "D" Mom did? FORGOT THE FUCKING PUMP SUPPLIES TO SEND TO CAMP!!! We didnt need to send a meter or strips. Not even insulin. We just needed to pack pump supplies to cover the week. -Sigh- OH MY GOD!!! They were at home on the kitchen counter!! My heart seriously fluttered. FLUTTERED!!!I literally felt my face turn pale white. Maddison was PISSED, she gave me an earful! Apparently I guess I become forgetful when being rushed out of the house by an excited 15yr old who couldnt wait to drive on the freeway! ACK!!!!

So, when we arrived at check in for camp Maddison was already frazzled. She had dark circles under her eyes after anxiously tossing and turning all night. She was irritated with me questioning her suitcase contents, yet **I** forgot the fucking pump supplies! As soon as we arrived to check in they were calling Maddison's bus number to finish loading. WHAT!!?? The damn camp day "instructions" said we needed to arrive by 11am to assure we had time to make the bus, and we arrived sharply at 11am.... So, whatever. Maddison felt rushed, I felt rushed.....and THEN......

She said it. I dont know who the hell this lady was....but she said.....

"If you don't have the pump supplies we can just put her on shots this week."


If you could have seen the look in Maddison's eyes you would have DIED right then and there. She was SO MAD at me, SO scared for herself.

I literally laughed out loud (because I wanted to FREAK OUT!!) and said " Uhhhhhh NO!"

This crazy lady looked at me like **I** was unreasonable. Like **I** was making a big deal out of needles, or "shots."

In my mind I was SCREAMING!! Its not the fucking needles that are the problem, It just isnt that easy!!!! Ummmm.....yes, you are right crazy lady!! Shots arent a big deal. But do you know what IS?? Feeling like SHIT while you are at camp because your MOM forgot the pump supplies and now you are high or low, up, down and all around with a 24 hour injection of Lantus in your system that you cant fix if the calculated dose is WRONG. THAT is a big deal! Feeling like shit at camp IS a big deal. This is supposed to be a "Vacation" with Diabetes, I didnt want Maddison being a Guinea Pig as they try to get the Lantus right over the next 7 days....Shots would have been a HUGE deal. It just aint that easy! I have never been quite so mad at myself as I was at that moment!

So, instead of slapping this crazy chick like I really wanted to do, I told her I would Fedex overnight the pump supplies. So I did. End of story. Ugh. The Golden D Mom award goes to......... yours truely.

So, Maddison left for camp frazzled with an unknown blood sugar from a crazy ass breakfast, but Im sure she was happier than a clam to be away from ME at that moment!

Today is day 5 since Maddison left and Im bored to death. I guess Im used to driving her around from one place of volunteering to another. She sent a letter in the mail to her Dad on Tuesday...I didnt get ANYTHING. ?????? I really did have tears in my eyes!!

Yesterday we got a letter addressed to "Roxxie and Callie"(her dogs)but again, nothing for me!!! ????????WHATTTTT???????? She must REALLY be mad.

The letter said: "Please come and take me home"

And that was it.

I didnt think anything of it. I thought she was being silly writing a letter to her dogs....but while I sat at work today I couldnt help but wonder if she was being serious. My heart began to feel broken. So I called the camp.

Maddi's camp counselor told me she was struggling the beginning of the week with "homesickness" and that was about it. She had nothing else to say but Maddison is doing "fine." She didnt sound so sure.

If I know Maddison, I can tell you she isnt so much homesick as she is just DONE with all the fun. She doesnt like alot of noise, and dreads large parties because of too much commotion. Camp is like a 7 day party. Its loud. Its CRAZY. Its non-stop "fun" for those of us that enjoy a week full of commotion. Thats not Maddison, but I know she will be fine. She might have a headache and hide out in her room for the next month, but she will be fine. 2 more days....just TWO MORE DAYS!!!!


Reyna said...

Tearing up...about all of, the pump supplies, Maddi's homesickness...Hannah driving!!!

Cannot wait to hear how camp went. Love you Kelly. You did the best job you could have. When rushed, things get missed and over-looked...even pump supplies.

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Bean's camp is week after next. I'm excited for her, but am already having panic dreams about making sure everything is packed and ready!!
I can't imagine NOT going ape shit on the 'put her on shots' lady! Like it's THAT easy to switch from a pump to shots!! Sure, for a random bolus, not a problem. But to switch completely?!? Hell to the NO!!

Have to say I'm looking forward to the boredom, but I'll sure miss Bean!!

Wendy Rose said...

I had NO idea about the ICED PANCAKES PRE-CAMP!!!! EEK!!!

I hope Maddy ended up having a good time in the end.

I was a milisecond away from forgetting our pump supplies too. If I hadn't come back inside for my forgotten sunglasses, we would have been in the same boat!!! Glad that worked out!!!!