Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Nice blog title hugh? Thats all I can think right about now. SHIT! Now what? My finger poke a1c was 6.4...I kept saying that couldnt be right. Sure enough, my lab work showed a 7.0 just drawn on Thursday. Hows that for accuracy? I never trusted those finger poke A1c's anyway.

My TSH is low (.172)...indicating hyperthyroid, Graves disease or adrenal concerns. Thyroid or adrenal tumors at worst. Fabulous. I guess my recent weight loss isnt just stress related. Or, maybe my everything is whacked out from the stress. Who knows. I'll be going in for further lab work, an ACTH Challenge Test to evaluate my adrenal glands later this week.

Fun stuff hugh? As always, Im just a ray of sunshine on my blog. I'm feeling a bit grumpy about all this right now. -Sigh-


Just Plain Me said...

I am so sorry! It will get better, I promise. You don't know me but I've followed your blog for several weeks now and you have been an inspiration to me! Don't let those numbers defeat you ... that's all they are ... NUMBERS! and certainly not the sum of You!
God Bless YOU, darling girl!


Lora said...

ThE sUn wIll CoMe OuT tOmOrrOw... bEt YoUr BoTToM dOllAr tHaT tOmOrrOw... tHeRe'll bE sUn!!!

I hope that made you smile, cuz it is a pain in the ass to type like that :)

I actually like your title... grabs your readers attention and makes them want more.

Okay, joking aside ***deep breath Kelly*** everything will be okay. That A1C is not that bad. Besides... think of how awesome you will be when you kick that A1C's ass in 3 months!!!!!!!

Be sure to keep us posted on the other stuff. ((((sending positive testing vibes your way)))).

phonelady said...

sending prayers your way and hoping it all comes out okay . Just remember to relax and take deep breaths .

Tracy1918 said...

I'm glad you're taking care of yourself. That's what matters.

Keep your chin up and take it one day at a time.

I had no idea the finger pokes could be off that much.....very discouraging...but your number isn't really that bad. I mean it sounds like you were expecting it to be much worse.

I hope you get everything else figured out soon!!!

Meri said...

I totally know that your new pump skin is going to make it all better!

Love you! Hope the test results show all is well!

Hallie said...

No.... I think SHIT is perfect. Describes what I've been feeling lately. What do they say? A1c is a snapshot in time? Well, even the most glamorous of us don't always take good pics! It will get better - especially now that the foot nazi is history! Hope you get the other stuff figured out soon.... keep us posted, like Lora said!

connie said...

Big hugs my friend!!!

I'm so sorry you are going through all of this, I hope that things get better and hey...it's ok to be a grumpy girl sometimes. We all have those days!

Laura said...

Well SHIT!
Keep us posted girl. I'll be thinking about you!