Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Drastic changes

Last week started with Maddison not eating well. She would complain after a few bites of breakfast that she wanted to puke. She has had probably 15 or more lows between 40-60 since then. So I assume a lingering tummy bug without vomiting is causing her food to not be absorbed since lows are right after eating and it takes an ungodly amount of sugar to get her into a safe range (like TRIPLE the normal amount)I decreased her basals, and she skyrocketed. I adjusted her ratio by a few carbs each meal taking it slow. Apparently, she just needed a DRASTIC change to her ratios, quickly. So from 1:13 for breakfast she is now 1:30 which worked well yesterday, not so today...nurse called and she was 338!!!!OUCH! Totally bizarre.

On Sunday Maddison had a nap for about 2 hours. To get this girl to take a nap is like trying to get a cat to swim. It doesn't happen. So, I knew she was feeling yucky still, after 6 days. Maybe it was the 40 she had after breakfast that finally took its toll and forced her to recover. I dont know.

When she woke up she could see the block Super Bowl party and all her friends outside. While she slept I tried a temp basal for one hour because she still lingered too low....she woke up at 288!! From one frickin hour!! EERRRRR I corrected that with HALF the amount suggested from the pump and out she went to play which means she would DROP. I checked her blood sugar every hour. Dinner came around, she had nachos and then a cupcake starting with a blood sugar of 280 which I normally would have waited until THAT number came down. An hour later she was no where to be seen in the house with her friends. I panicked, and knew it would be bad. I just felt it.

I found her pale as could be......she was 43. ONE HOUR after eating (and a cupcake!)She started at 280!!! I whisked her out of there, it took a 15c instant glucose drink, 16c of glucose tablets to get her to 98. (normally 15 would do it)I checked again in 30 min and she was down to 68. A whole soda this time, and she refuses to eat/drink ANYTHING else! A few minutes later she said "Mom, I would have been much lower than that" So I asked her what she meant. She said that she was eating those little Valentine candy hearts out of the candy dish right before I came for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I asked her why she didn't tell someone. Why? She ALWAYS tells someone!!! I wonder how low she was before the candy she snuck! It breaks my heart. It scares the hell out of me. I know she must have been confused and couldn't react being so low. She has been so low for this whole week that she was no longer feeling her lows!!!!!!!!!!!So, you can see total craziness. The whole week was like this. Today I am so angry with Diabetes and what it is doing to my Maddison. I am angry that my Endo has no advice that I haven't already tried. I am angry that there is no explanation. And angry that now I will have to run her higher to get back her low awareness. Diabetes is just evil. Simply Evil.

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