Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Numbers

I've still been chasing numbers, but it isn't the highs anymore, now it is the Summer lows. Impending lows that is. We have been catching lows before they happen thanks to a quick blood sugar check 2hrs PP. Adjusting from school Diabetes to Summer Diabetes is always tricky those first days!

Summer means Maddison's insulin needs decrease tremendously, and it hasn't even yet been due to the increasing activity levels....its simply because the "stress" of school days are behind us for awhile. No more sitting at a desk all day. Hooray!!

It amazes me every Summer to see Maddison's basal rates decrease in the mornings. What was .55 per hour is down to .40 literally overnight, and ratio's that were set at 8.5 are on the way back up to 13. So far that is, she is still in need of decreases across the board. AMAZING! If every A1c could be measured in the summer we would be looking pretty darn good!

Maddison has been doing awesome caring for her Diabetes while I am away at work. She calls me with her 2hr PP number and I call her back for the 3 PP number. We are just a week and a half into summer but so far those frequent checks have been a ton of information to reduce insulin doses and keep low blood sugars away. Maddison stays home with Hannah while Im at work and luckily either Dad or I am home 2-3 times a week so they aren't crazy bored all summer.

Hannah stays busy babysitting her cousins a couple times a week and sand volleyball in between. As always, Maddison has a summer volunteering schedule. Besides the normal volunteering with the Bird rescue and the Small animal rescue Maddison and I will be speaking at a few classes for the Arizona Humane Society's summer camp for kids! We have been asked to represent the Small animal rescue and will be educating the kids about caring for small critters as pets! FUN! Maddison can't wait! Maddison and I are also leading the 2012 "Bowl-a-Rama" fundraiser for the shelter which takes place in August. Dont forget Diabetes Camp AZDA is June 9th to the 16th!! For just the second year Maddison will be away for an entire week at camp!!! I miss her already!! Her suitcase is currently sitting in the middle of the living room because she decided she couldn't fight her excitement any longer and she started packing last week!

Hooray for SUMMER!!!


Reyna said...

Sounds like you guys have a great summer planned and nice balance with your work schedules.

Joe is still in school...I can hardly wait for the summer #s to hit. LOL.

CraftyLikeLindy said...

I think Maddison should come to school with Adia next year!