Friday, March 16, 2012

Initial result/6 years!!

Maddison's Endoscopy went perfectly well. The initial pictures taken do not show any abnormalities, (A GREAT SIGN!) but of course the biopsy result will tell. We will hear back from her GI doctor next week. I'm thinking (hoping)that we just might be in the clear since the pictures were just fine......

Tomorrow marks my 6 year diagnosis date! Looking back now I remember that my A1c at the time of my diagnosis was 13.2% (340 average) but down to 6.8% within 4 weeks. Hallelujah for insulin! For the first 4 years of Diabetes my A1c stayed in the 6.0 to 6.5 range, thanks to following a very strict workout routine and watching everything I ate. Im disgusted with myself to say that 6 years in has brought a lazy me. I eat whatever, whenever. I dont prebolus. I dont work out. Ive gained weight and somewhere just decided that I would rather do the minimal than go the extra mile.

I hate this. I swore I would NEVER get to this point in life, but HERE I AM.

Im still stuck in a rut since my surgery in August. All I can do is blame my hormones (or lack of) because I am just simply not myself. Weight gain isnt helping my attitude either, and I know I am myself partly to blame because I have yet to kick my ass back into gear with my good old healthy ways. I sound like a broken record, I know. My last A1c came back (again) at 7.2 which is pretty good considering thats absolutely no effort on my part. -Sigh- Diabetes has totally taken the back seat for me. 6 years in is NOT the time to get lazy and careless with Diabetes, so today Im slapping on the CGM and going back to injections. Ive developed a horrible habit of eating too much and eating too much crap. I think going back to injections is a good way for me to get over this laziness. Who wants to take a chance of stacking insulin just because you want to eat more? Who wants to drag out the needle everytime you eat? Exactly.

One MAJOR issue with the insulin pump is that you can get in the bad habit of eating more just with the push of a button. Its again time for injections.....Wish me luck!


Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

I'm so proud of you for going the extra mile to take care of yourself. Your worth it!

I'm soooo glad to hear that Maddison's scope turned out good so far. When Andrew had his, they knew right away. I pray that everything turns out negative.

Jennifer said...

Good luck with the injections. I know you will accomplish your goal.

Good news do far on endoscopy.

Reyna said...

Great news on Maddi! AND...good luck with the injections Kelly. Sounds like a sound plan. xo

Cosmo Mom said...

Diabetes Sucks! but I'm glad that you are getting back on the healthy band wagon. It's a good place to be. Presley wants to go back to injections.. she's mentioned it twice. I kind of smiled and ignored her. Not nice I know. If she mentions it again, we'll sit down and talk. Presley's 5 year is coming up. huuhh it's always a hard time of year for me.