Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Here we go again

Since Maddison’s T1 dx 6 years ago I’ve questioned her persistent tummy aches. They come and go. No rhyme or reason. Most of the time they aren’t debilitating, just a dull nagging pain. Maddi may go weeks without any pain at all, then suddenly she has them daily, maybe even all day. Stress? Lactose intolerance? Fluctuating blood sugars? High blood sugars? Constipation? Stomach pain could be a bazillion different things! Sadly, tummy aches have over the years just become “normal” for Maddi.

But, recently we have seen an increase in headaches. Truth is, Maddison is having some issues in school both educationally and socially. Its been tough starting a new school this year, and 5th grade seems to be the time that the tween stage takes over in so many ways. I’d like to blame all these things for the headaches that Maddison is experiencing, but I know better than to do so when the headaches are also combined with other new symptoms. Persistent nausea. Increased severity of the tummy pain itself, joint pain and numbness and tingling in her hands and feet. All a classic group of symptoms related to Celiac Disease.

Maddison had her yearly labs drawn in December which included the complete Celiac panel, all negative. Yet, there is that TINY 3% chance that Maddison could still have Celiac that isn’t suggested by blood work alone. So an Endoscopy it will be, Thursday at 8am. This time I CAN'T cancel.

Ive put this off for too long, believing that Madi just couldn’t be that 3%. Maddison IS among the 3% that doesn’t have antibodies for Diabetes...so why would this be any different? –Sigh- If this scope actually comes back positive for Celiac I may just hate myself FOREVER because I've debated for SO long and always listened to everyone else, not myself. UGH.

The good news is that instead of being irritated with my concern like years past, Maddison agrees that she likely has something weird going on and she is tired of dealing with all this. She is even EXCITED to have the procedure done!!!! Yes, I said EXCITED. Maddison has asked question after question. She repeatedly assures me the procedure is perfectly safe “because they do this all the time” and she even packed a bag already!!! Is this kid silly or what!!?? Maddi says she can’t wait to see what anesthesia is like, probably because she was with me (and allowed into both pre-op and recovery!) when her Grandma had outpatient surgery last week. (It also helps that Maddi knows they use numbing cream for kids that get IV’s) And, she knows the procedure is QUICK. Im sure as Thursday nears Maddison will go through the emotions and worries, but we talked about all that too and I think we are good to go....as long as blood sugars cooperate of course! Wish us luck and BELIEVE this will be negative!


Our Diabetic Warrior said...

I'm sorry to hear that Maddi has not been feeling 100%. I can honestly say that the biopsy is not bad at all. Both my son and I had one. He turned out positive and I was negative. Once they do the gas, you're out and within 15-30 minutes you're done. It's a very quick procedure.

You cannot beat yourself up over celiac! I would have never known that Andrew had celiac in the first place if it weren't for the diabetes diagnosis. That's when they found it.

Just make sure that she continues to eat wheat until the day of the scope. The good thing is that you will know the results right after the test. You won't have to wait for them.

I'll be praying for you and Maddison. I was the one that had a harder time than Andrew when he had his test.LOL

Good Luck!!! Please keep us posted.

Jennifer said...

Hugs to you both. I'm sure everything will be fine. Maddison sounds like a strong and brave girl, just like her mom.

Unknown said...

Oh BOY! Wishing you tons of luck Kelly and Maddi! What a riga-ma-roll (sp). I hope it is negative, but hope you get some answers soon to help Maddi start feeling better. xo

Tracy said...

Good luck! Praying all goes well and answers are clear!

The Endoscopy at PCH is easy peasy! They will knock her out and then put the IV in. So she won't even have to worry about it at all!

Will be waiting for an update!

Nicole said...

Tummy aches are very common for Cara as well. she is always complaining that her tummy hurts.

I hope everything goes well on Thursday and you and Maddie finally get some answers.