Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

I remember the first Halloween we had after Diabetes came into our lives, (2006) it was crazy stressful, even though Maddison had been dx'd 10 months prior. I remember my biggest stress was managing blood sugars while Maddison zoomed around the neighborhood after having eaten Pizza for dinner. Its so sad how simple things like pizza and zooming around made me stress myself to tears so often back then. I'll NEVER forget the early days with Diabetes. EVER. I'll remember those emotions until the day I die. -Sigh-

I honestly never thought I would get to this "comfort" place we have found in our "new normal" lives. Of course we still have days where LOWS freak me out, like Saturday when Maddison called me from a friends house with a BS of 34. THIRTY FOUR!!! Is that number crashing or staying? Lows when Maddi is away from me ALWAYS freak me out a bit (or alot in this case) And sometimes ketones make me want to cry...but overall, Diabetes is a non issue and pretty well behaved. Tonight Im confident will be no different!!


Time brings knowledge. Experience. Comfort. Nowadays we just do it. Bolus it, SWAG it, correct it, check it, bolus it. Bolus it. Bolus it. Move on.

Ok, maybe there will be ALOT more bolusing going on tonight, but chances are the affects of zooming through the streets to the next candy house will keep blood sugars on the lower side anyway. Tonight Maddison will eat too much candy like everyone else. I probably will too. Then each day after Halloween we get a yummy candy treat for awhile. I sort all the pure sugar treats and keep them for lows only. Then candy starts to secretly disappear without the kids even noticing! (evil laugh) Besides the fact that I WILL keep some of my favorites for myself, I'll also take some to work. Those ladies at work will eat anything! I throw ALOT away. Freeze some. Maybe send some to the troops over seas......Halloween is just another day with Diabetes, until bedtime comes of course! I expect to be up often tonight checking Maddisons sugar thanks to the combination of chocolate and her running wild in the streets, OH well!! Just another day in the life! Happy Halloween!!

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