Friday, October 28, 2011


Randomly over the past week Ive been waking up in the high 250's, which for me just doesn't happen. (lucky, I know) Then I began to wonder if maybe Ive been going low overnight, then rebounding thanks to Mr Liver. Which again, doesn't happen for me. (can you say denial?) Things are changing for my Diabetes over here. Im not liking what Im seeing. The "easy" Diabetes I used to manage, is no more. Now I have to actually do some logging and use some serious brain power to figure things out. Whether it be progression of the disease, or changing hormones from my Hysterectomy, stress, weather....I dont know. But it needs to be figured out. Quickly.

Ive taken note lately that Ive been having some night time scary feelings while sleeping....

The first one was about a week ago, I have no idea the time because I never actually got out of bed. I was still asleep, or half asleep, and kept telling myself I was low and I needed to wake up and get sugar NOW! But I didn't. Or, maybe I just couldn't. I remember my mind chanting to me..."you are low Kelly" "get up and test Kelly" over and over and over.

I never checked myself. I can recall several nights this same scenario happened. Im not sure why....I have still been checking Maddison at Midnightish and 3amish just like I always do (still half asleep) so why didn't I ever check myself? Am I really THAT asleep while I carry on the night time checking routine for Maddi?

So last night I slapped on the CGM and what do I see this morning when I review my recorded numbers?

1am blood sugar of 38

2am blood sugar of 58

3am blood sugar of 124

4am blood sugar of 170

5am blood sugar of 232

6am blood sugar of 268

All I can say is, they need to make these alarms louder! I never woke up when I hit the 38, but I'm eternally thankful MR Liver stepped in. Starting out my day with a seizure would have SUCKED. A coma would have F'ed up my mind FOREVER and dying from Diabetes would have RUINED my family. Screw you Diabetes.

Although Im shocked and irritated the CGM didnt wake me up for this low, Im thankful I have the technology. Thank goodness I put on the CGM last night, for I may have never believed this was happening with my sugars overnight. Now I have a starting point of where to make adjustments. Sometimes you have to SEE it to believe it. 38 can = 268. Who would have thought?


Meri said...

Oh my goodness Kelly, stop giving me a heart attack and check your sugar in the middle of the night already!!

Good news, Medtronic just got approved for low glucose suspend trials in the US! Horray!!

Reyna said...

WOW...that is scary! Thank goodness for the CGM and Mr. Liver. Now you gotta go tweak things a bit. xo

Anonymous said...

36... Glad your liver did kick in. Glad you figured it out and didn't increase basals! The alarms on both Dex and MM are too low. With MM we used the Radio shack wireless mike and with Dex used SONY babycall baby monitor. The Radio Shack deal was a huge PITA. Dex works well with the baby monitor. Can't hear the alarms otherwise.

Wendy said...

This gives me the heebie-jeebies. ME NO LIKEY!

I'm so glad you have the CGM for a starting point.

Hope it gets fixed FAST...and I hope the numbers smooth out for you SOON!