Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Liar Liar Liar

Maddison and I both had Endo appointments today. I braced myself for the highest
A1c's ever in our 5 years of Diabetes...

With back to school, a growth spurt, summer heat advisories, sloppy carb counting, and no pre-bolusing lately I was SURE Maddison would be AT LEAST in the 8 range. Current meter average? 196. Post breakfast numbers? 280's. Night time numbers?
280's. 10 checks per day show 80% out of range! This has been going on for at LEAST 3 weeks. At this point I'm ecstatic to see any number that starts with a 1. Maddison's basals have tripled in the mornings, her ratio's all decreased, yet her numbers haven't budged despite aggressive daily dose increases. CRAZY!

So, I mentally prepared myself for todays appointment. I was fine thinking Maddison's A1c was going to be the highest ever. Really, I was. I know Im doing my best, aggressively making changes....I know A1c's dont always reflect the time and effort you put in to managing the disease... So, today when I heard Maddison's A1c was 7.2 (by finger poke)I just shook my head. There is NO WAY that is accurate. It just isnt. How can you have higher numbers consistently for weeks and weeks and get a lower a1c than when 80% of numbers were in range? UGH. I dont trust those finger poke A1c's! There is no way!!

Mine? I expected a number in the 7's. After my surgery, pelvic infection and Pulmonary Emboli I can tell you I havent given my Diabetes ANY effort lately. I bolus and check blood sugars, but thats about it right now. Ive had horrible blood sugar spikes after eating lately, I feel low at 100, and my numbers are running about 60-80pts higher than usual....yet my A1c came back at 6.8% Ummm....NO WAY!!!

For real? Are you kidding me? There is NO WAY these A1c's are right! Both Maddison and I are seeing numbers far above what we have ever seen, yet our A1c's are still pretty much in the same place as they always are? In fact, Maddison's A1c is now LOWER than it was in May when I was SURE it would be her lowest A1c ever! ACK!!!

Whatever. Its just a number. I guess I should be happy that our A1c's didnt come back crazy too high like I expected....but I just doubt the accuracy and THAT drives me crazy!!

I still have ALOT of adjusting to do, for both Maddison and I. We have gotten sloppy and lazy over the summer. Pre-bolusing needs to come back, thats step #1. I'll just stick to trusting our meter numbers thank you very much, and adjust as needed with the number I can SEE!!

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Lora said...

Its the meter thats off... yeah, thats it! :)

We are always harder on ourselves than we should be. Your doing a great job!!